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brain aneurysm

Good stuff, It might just work, although it seems easier when you have a plan.
Added you to da RSS reader


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I am a chef, certified personal trainer and a mom. I have discovered that the mindset regarding eating is the most important thing, not necessarily the diet methods that don't fit you. I discovered this when trying to get my toddler to eat and wrote a book about it - Diet Secrets of A Toddler, By Laura Andolini. It is on my website if you are interested. www.cooking-for-fitness.com , or amazon.com. I hope you enjoy it!

Rachael West

It is amazing how busy we can get. I am also in the process of many things, including potty training! (3 year old & 2 year old) and my energy is always quite low.

Thanks for these tips. I know some of them I already do and they work amazingly. You can never have too much energy when you have toddlers in a home, and a busy life as yours.

Rachael West

natural Abby

My very hardworking friend(full time city bus operator and weekend farmer)is currently following the advice in your book Great American DeTox Diet
and is thrilled with the results!
He is loosing weight rapidly and can now tolerate the high 90 degree weather here in Central Texas when doing his farm chores. He is feeling so much healthier and as a Native American with diabetes issues is very grateful! Thanks Alex!!

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